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About Redline Luxury Car Rental Miami

Voted #1 Car Rental in Miami

Created by exotic car enthusiast for other exotic car enthusiast, Redline Luxury Car Rental is Miami's ultimate luxury car rental agency. You can rent a Ferrari in Miami from many places, but when is the last time you saw a Ferrari 458 Spider available to rent? What about a Stryker? Redline Luxury Car Rental carries some extremely rare vehicles - for people that can appreciate them. We also offer service to match.

Aside from our ultra-premium Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces, we offer other options. If you like American muscle, we offer Vipers. If you prefer European design, we can get you Audi R8s, BMWs or Porsche 911s. From Japan, we have a Nissan GT-R. Do you need more space? We have a range of luxury SUVs including Range Rovers and Cadillac Escalades. If you're traveling to Miami for a month, we can accommodate you and your budget.

Our vehicles can be delivered directly to you, wherever you might be in South Florida. Upon delivery, you will be offered a vehicle tutorial to ensure you maximize the enjoyment of your vehicle. Additionally, to show you that we are serious about customer service, each vehicle comes with a complimentary full tank of gas.

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YES, we own our fleet!

Yes, we own our cars. If you notice, 90% of the websites you will find out there offering luxury and exotic car rental services never show you a photo of their store or location. That’s because they don’t exists. They broker cars from private individuals, sublease the cars or worse. We are proud to show you our collection of cars, together from the comfort of our 8,000 square foot boutique. All of the cars you see in our site belong to us, so you can rent confidently.