The new BMW i8 is now available for rent in Miami


The BMW i8  provides the driver with the ride of a Rolls Royce Ghost, but with the thrill of a Ferrari. The car has 2 sides, the eco friendly smooth riding machine, and the sports mode that pushes you back into your seat. When you flip the transmission into sport the car converts itself from a mild mannered child to a mean machine whose 3-cylinder engine revs through the speakers loud and clear. Some would say that’s cheating a little, but who cares. That little 3-cylinder engine produces close to 360 horsepower. That’s 120 horses per cylinder. To put it into perspective, the Ferrari 458 produces 70 horses per cylinder and the Lamborghini Aventador a measly 60 ponies per cylinder. 

But in the end it is all about appearance. Heck, it’s our slogan, and if “appearance is everything", then the BMW is everything you need. This car turns heads unlike any other. The car is quiet when you want it to be and loud when you order it to scream. People waive and give you thumbs up when you drive by, it’s surreal. When you park the car and open its doors you can feel people staring at you. The car demands attention and isn't for the faint. Rent this bad boy at Redline Luxury and you'll have an experience unlike any other. If you want to feel like Leo, Matt or George, this is the car for you!